Tracking Princeton's Energy Impact



Tiger Energy represents the culmination of five years of work by Princeton Facilities, the Princeton Sustainability Office, and wattvision.com. After trying several different models, we've developed a live energy reporting solution that integrates a pioneering residential college energy competition.

Residential College Rankings

The "Do It in The Dark" Energy Competition is now in its third year. The most recent competition ran from April 3 to April 22, 2016. Congratulations to Wilson College for saving the most energy and winning a study break. Visit the live energy leaderboard to see the full results of the competition. Beginning this year, even post-competition, college energy data will always be tracked and compared year round!

Previous Winners
Forbes College 2014
Forbes College 2015

The DIITD energy competition is brought to you by Green Princeton, Wattvision and the Office of Sustainability.

THE COMPARISON METRIC: For each residential college, we calculate the "percentage improvement" by comparing this week's usage projection with the actual usage over the previous two calendar weeks. The college with the greatest "percentage improvement" over the competition period is the winner.

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT: Contact us at sustain@princeton.edu with feedback.