Tracking Princeton's Energy Impact

API / Data Download


The Tiger Energy data-download API allows download of hourly CSV formatted data by month covering campus-wide energy metrics and building level usage.

To access the API you need to get an API key. Click here to receive an API Key:

Get Tiger Energy API Key

Once you have an API Key, you may access the data in the following ways. Note how the API Key is included in the request URL.

Make a request in the format


Just choose either "buildings" or "campus" and the year and month, and you'll receive a CSV file of the requested data.

Example 1

Assuming an API Key of ABC123:


And you'll get a CSV file of...

All hourly campus-wide energy readings in July 2016.

Example 2

Assuming an API Key of ABC123:


And you'll get a CSV file of...

All hourly building-level energy readings in June 2016.

Returned Data Units & Field Descriptions

dekatherm (dthr). A dekatherm is equivalent to 1000 cubic feet of natural gas (think of a cube, 10 feet on a side).

tons of cooling (ktons). A ton of cooling is equivalent to the amount of heat (removal) associated with melting 2000 pounds of ice over a 24 hour period.

kilowatt (kW). A watt represents a rate of energy use -- 1 joule per second. A kilowatt is 1000 joules per second of energy being consumed.

kilowatt-hour (kWh). One kwh equals 3,600,000 joules of energy.

thousand pounds per hour (kpph). The campus can use up to 200,000 pounds of steam per hour. This is equivalent to about 237 million BTU per hour.

pounds per square inch (lbs/sqin). Measurement of steam pressure.

Campus-wide Data

Time (UTC) Time stamp in UTC.
Boilers.1.NGas_dthr dthr of natural gas used to fuel boilers that create steam.
Chillers.i.Totals.ktons ktons Chilled water is used to cool the campus, and can also be used as an energy reserve.
Cogen.Turbine.NGas_dthr dthr of natural gas consumed by the gas turbine that generates electricity.
Cogen.Turbine.output_kW kw of power produced by the gas turbine.
Plant.i.Campus_STMF_kpph kpph of steam distributed to campus.
Plant.i.Total_STMF_kpph kpph of steam produced in total.
Power.Charlton.Total_kW kW of power drawn from the grid at the Charlton Street Substation.
Power.ElmSub.Total_kW kW of power drawn from the grid at the Elm Substation.
SMPL.SteamPress7041 lbs/sqin of steam pressure in the steam system.
WestWindsor.PV_kW kw of power produced at the solar field.
electricity.purchased_kW kW total of power drawn from the grid.
electricity.total_kW kW total of campus wide power demand.
natural_gas.total_dthr dthr total of campus natural gas demand.

Building-level Data

Time (UTC) Time stamp in UTC.
[BuildingName].kW kW. Rate of energy demand in kilowatts.
[BuildingName].kWh kWh. Total energy consumption in kilowatt-hours.

For more information on "Campus as Lab" research and projects, visit the Campus as Lab website. For more data or more details, contact the Office of Sustainability.