Do It in the Dark Energy Competition

Residential College Rankings


For the week of 1532232000

Rank College Projected Percent SAVED vs. Baseline

Green Princeton tackles environmental issues with a two pronged approach: political activism and lifestyle changes. In this way, students have the opportunity to both engage with sustainability in their lives on campus and within their global community. Our goal is to initiate conversation and action within and beyond the Princeton community to encourage everyone to go green and take action for a more sustainable world. Members of Green Princeton have the opportunity to proactively incorporate their particular interests in sustainability into club wide campaigns and events.

Tips to Reduce Your Energy Use

  • Unplug electronics when not in use.
  • Use natural lighting in your room.
  • Turn off lights when not in use.
  • Study in common spaces.
  • Check Tiger Energy to see your res college's standing!

How the Colleges Are Ranked...

The six residential colleges are listed in rank order by their projected energy use for this week. The week starts and ends on Sunday at 00:00:00 ET (Midnight on Saturday). The "baseline" is the average of the most recent two completed weeks. So if if a college is "+3.5%" they are projected to use 3.5% less energy than they did on average over the previous two weeks. The projection is based on data collected today. Click on a college's name for more details, or visit the About page. We're open to your ideas!